Mums Share Their Go-To Fixes for Scrapes and Bruises

When you have active little ones, who are constantly on the move and curious about their surroundings, scrapes and bruises are par for the course. But what do you do when your child comes up to you with a boo-boo? 10 mummies share their personal tips on how to soothe the wounds of their minis.

Ginette Chittick

Mum of two-year-old Luella, (@ginettechittick)

When Luella comes to me with bruises, I pour a dash of Pigeon Newborn Pure Calming Oil over the bruise and give it a good rub! It may be a bit painful for my girl, but as the saying goes ‘no pain, no gain’. The combination of heat and the oil helps to ‘shatter’ the bruise, which makes the black mark disappear faster.

Malaque Mahdaly

Mum of 17-month-old Selma, (@malaquemahdaly)

I use lavender essential oil as well as a traditional black oil made with herbs and jamu spices. Selma recently had a fall and sustained bruises just above her cheekbones, and the oil worked wonders! The only downside is that it doesn’t smell that great.

Fiona Treadwell

Mum of 4-year-old Julian and 20-month-old Sienna, (@fionatreadwell)

My kids are super active and love playing with one another, which is probably why I always find bruises and scrapes on them. I’ve tried a variety of creams and lotions, but I find that medicated ointment works best, no matter how big the blue-black, so that’s what we use all the time!

Janice Senejani

Mum of 13-month-old Donya,

I make my own boo-boo cream for Donya as I try to stay away from chemicals as much as I can. It’s a mixture of lavender essential oil and cold-pressed grapeseed oil, and it does the trick.

Zeon Chong

Mum of 3-year-old Zac and 21-month-old Zeph, (@zee_league)

We usually keep a cold gel pack on standby in our freezer which we immediately place on the affected area when Zac or Zeph knocks into something. The day after the bruise appears, we follow up by placing a hot pack or an egg wrapped in a hot towel on the bruise before giving it a good rub with hirudoid cream.

Rosalind Lee

Mum of 2-year-old Royce and 1-month-old Ryo, (@bbroyce.stagram)

I use breastmilk and it works wonders on small wounds and cuts like a magical potion! Otherwise, I will use aloe vera. For bruises, ice gel packs always help.

Ying Tian

Mum of 16-month-old Stryder, (@eyeletskirt)

I usually apply aloe vera, which helps to soothe the pain. I also started to use breastmilk after reading about its effectiveness in dealing with scrapes, bruises and other infant ailments on a breastfeeding forum. It works better than some other creams that I’ve tried.

Cara Palairet

Mum of 16-month-old Edward, (@imcarajane)

If there is bleeding, I use a little antiseptic liquid to disinfect the wound. For grazes and light scratches, my go-to remedy is to mix a bit of Epsom salts and tea tree oil into Edward’s bath water. It’s unconventional but it works.

Andrea Braeckevelt

Mum of 3-year-old Michaela and 9-month-old Eliza, (@andrea_braeckevelt)

Essential oils are my go-to for scrapes and bruises. Helichrysum is good for easing bruises and aiding healing. It is very good for the skin too and I used it generously when Michaela cut her chin once, and it healed pretty quickly. I also use lavender a lot for cuts and bites as it works as an antiseptic. We make sure to use only top quality, pure oils.

Wendy Tan

Mum of 4-year-old Hayley and 18-month-old Finley, (@wendology)

My husband is a doctor so we deal with bruises and scrapes the way doctors do! In general, for scrapes it’s important to keep them clean and use petroleum jelly to help alleviate the pain and prevent infections, and for bruises don’t massage it but rather, just place an ice pack on it.

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