Weekly Giveaway


Week 1 (23 Jun – 29 Jun 2017)

Parent: Easter Soo
Mobile: xxxx4751

Parent: Eileen Zheng
Mobile: xxxx3173

Parent: Tan Yu Lin
Mobile: xxxx7282

Parent: Kat Neo
Mobile: xxxx2689

Parent: Lee Sze Hui
Mobile: xxxx4446

Week 2 (30 Jun – 6 Jul 2017)

Parent: Ang Lee Yen
Mobile: xxxx4098

Parent: Angie Chng
Mobile: xxxx8285

Parent: Chew Shu Yi
Mobile: xxxx7836

Parent: Jean Lum
Mobile: xxxx0558

Parent: Jenny Chia
Mobile: xxxx1803

Parent: Joycelyn
Mobile: xxxx3442

Parent: Lynette
Mobile: xxxx9269

Parent: Natalie Villarete
Mobile: xxxx3638

Parent: Sonia Aswani
Mobile: xxxx4458

Week 3 (7 Jul – 13 Jul 2017)

Parent: Tang Siau Suan
Mobile: xxxx5560

Parent: Hoe ChenChen Irene
Mobile: xxxx1175

Parent: Lucas
Mobile: xxxx7273

Parent: Philip Chua
Mobile: xxxx6606

Parent: Shanice
Mobile: xxxx1668

Parent: Sheila Octania
Mobile: xxxx5528

Parent: Shirley
Mobile: xxxx1036

Week 4 (14 Jul – 20 Jul 2017)

Parent: Cheryl Cheong
Mobile: xxxx-5159

Parent: Ann
Mobile: xxxx-6323

Parent: Chan Guat Hoong
Mobile: xxxx-9555

Parent: Nina Lee
Mobile: xxxx-1441

Parent: Cecilia yow
Mobile: xxxx-4461

Parent: Lee Yiiyin
Mobile: xxxx-9039

Parent: Pearllyn
Mobile: xxxx-7596

Parent: Jasmine Chew
Mobile: xxxx-8164

Parent: Agnes Lim
Mobile: xxxx-1904

Parent: Vikash Gurung
Mobile: xxxx-4137

Parent: Felesia Natalia
Mobile: xxxx-2254

  • Each winner will receive $50 worth of PIGEON products.
  • All winners will be notified by email and/or phone and prizes will be arranged to be delivered to winners’ addresses.